ta-hsueh-book1For over 1000 years, every student in China studied four books of wisdom. The most profound was the “Ta Hsueh,” or “The Highest Order of Cultivation.” Here is my interpretation of the most important part of this work. This is very heavy stuff, so you may need to read it many times. It’s worth the effort. I’ll be commenting on it in the blogs to come.

“Only once one has an embodied experience of the interconnectedness of all, can one integrate all aspects of the psyche, leading to integration and wholeness; where the parts of the self exist in cooperative relation.

Only when we are whole can the potentials of the heart be realized. Only when we are whole can we realize our potentials for perceiving, thinking, feeling, imagining, acting and connecting.

Only when we have realized our potentials do we manifest virtuous moral being. Only when we have manifested virtuous moral centeredness can we put our relationships right, having harmonious relationships, meeting the needs of our partners and growing optimally.

Only when we can put our relationships right can we have happy, good children and flourishing families.

Only when we have balanced families can society be at peace and harmony.

Only when society is in order are we living according to the heavenly mandate, or the laws of the universe.

By cultivating¬† ourselves, we fulfill the purpose of the universe.”

Here’s a beautiful translation and commentary on this work, translated by Andrew Plaks.