How do we get all that we want in life? There is a philosophy of success in life that has been understood by the wise since the dawn of human thought. This is the philosophy of heart. This hidden wisdom can be found everywhere if you know where to look and what to look for. It is in the patterns of nature. It can be found in the great works of art, myth and philosophy. We can see it in every person we meet. Most significantly, it is within you. What this hidden wisdom tells us is that there are universal laws that pervade all of existence. When we understand these laws and live in accordance with them, we can get all that we want in life. When we live out of harmony with these laws, then we have problems in our lives. These laws are the laws of growth and harmony.

The law of growth tells us that everything that lives has an ultimate purpose. This is a reflection of a universal movement toward perfect realization, or love. It is our task as human beings to discover our essential nature, that which we are meant to be, and to do what we can to actualize that nature. In so doing, we help the universe to grow toward its perfection.

The law of harmony tells us that all things in the universe have their proper relation. In order for us to have all we want in life, we need to have harmony within ourselves, with others, and with all of nature.

When we live according to the laws of growth and harmony, we not only get what we want in life, but we find true peace, happiness and fulfillment.

The Five Potentials

How do we live in accord with these universal laws? We need to fulfill the five potentials. The five basic human potentials are for thinking, feeling, imagining, acting and connecting. When we cultivate these five potentials, we become wise, passionate, creative, strong and loving. When we realize these virtues we have clarity, purpose, confidence, courage, stamina, and goodness. These are the qualities we need to get all that we want in life. These are the qualities of the heart.

The Four Listenings

In order to cultivate the five potentials, we need to transcend the conditionings of our past, live fully in the present, and imagine the best possible future.

In order to accomplish the great task requires devotion. We must devote ourselves to daily work on the four listenings. In order to become all that we want to be and get all we want in life, whether it is the best body, the greatest abundance and wealth, or the deepest sex, we need to learn how to listen.

The first listening is listening to yourself. You must learn how to introspect. If you go within and find your heart, you will discover the source of guidance toward the good. By listening to your body, you will access your emotions which inspire and motivate us. You will discover the source of universal energy and power within you. You will discover your imagination, which is the source of the vision that creates your future.

The second listening is listening to nature. By listening to nature we discover the laws of the universe all around us. We see the patterns of harmony that lead to endless fruitfulness. When we penetrate the true secrets of nature and discover the principles of growth and harmony we find perpetual, sustainable, unlimited energy and abundant manifestation that is for the good of all.

The third listening is listening to culture. When we encounter the works of the mystic, seer, philosopher, poet or artist; when we read fairy tales or watch movies; when we visit the great buildings of Chartres or New York; when we follow the works of the great scientists and technologists, we listen to the story of the great before us who have traveled the journey of the heart. Their story is our story, as each one of us in our unique way “dreams the myth onward.” By listening to culture we gain from the experience of all those who have blazed the great path before us.

The fourth listening is listening to others. By working on our connection skills, and learning how to truly listen to all those we encounter, especially those we are most intimate with, we find our greatest place of growth. Each authentic encounter gives us the opportunity to expand ourselves and become more of all that we are meant to be. All rightness in the universe depends on the growth and harmony of our personal relationships.

The means for finding our hearts is to devote ourselves to the four listenings. Through this daily work we realize the five potentials. By realizing the five potentials, we have everything we need to get everything we want in life. Having your best possible body, being a success in work, and having great sex are simply the byproducts of self-love, confidence, courage, and the realization of our capacity for love and authentic intimacy. This is what we manifest when we cultivate our hearts by living in accord with the universal laws of growth and harmony. By finding our hearts, we achieve true peace, happiness and fulfillment. That’s what we really want, isn’t it?